About Danny

Danny believes you should be able to handle any job from sprinklers to remodels.

Danny’s dad, Dan started his plumbing company in 1977 when he was 25 years old. He started his business from a lifelong love of mechanics, which gave him a seasoned edge and true understanding of how things work. This sparked an interest in Danny and he started going on jobs with his dad as early as five years old. This eventually lead to Danny officially joining the team at age 19, and they have been working together ever since. They take on jobs from simple repairs to full-scale remodels.

As a homeowner, Danny saw how much work and money goes into keeping a house up to date and functioning properly. That is why he wanted to create the How2Plumb membership. He wanted to create an easy and affordable way for homeowners, like himself to fix their own plumbing without having to pay the expensive hourly wage of a plumber. As a young homeowner danny and his wife took on the task of buying a fixer upper. This had become their baby, and where they got the idea for How2Plumb. Some of the videos filmed are rooms from their home. He believes anyone should be able to fix their own home without having to incur many costs.